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   Browse securely with encryption and privacy
  Download torrents anonymously
  Unlock streaming services such as Netflix from around the world
  Internet providers can no longer throttle your speed

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checkbox  Super Fast Video Streaming in HD or 4K

checkbox  Servers in 40+ Countries

checkbox  Unlimited Bandwidth for P2P/Torrenting

checkbox  Supports Major Operating Systems

checkbox  Up to 10 Concurrent Connections.

checkbox Offshore Jurisdiction

checkbox No Logging Policy


checkbox  No Logging Policy

checkbox  P2P Allowed

checkbox  Unlimited Bandwidth For P2P/Torrenting

checkbox  Double VPN Technology

checkbox  Supports Many Apps And Devices


checkbox 5,000+ Servers

checkbox Double VPN Technology

checkbox Accepts Bitcoin

checkbox Access To Major Streaming Services

checkbox Up To 6 Concurrent Connections


checkbox Offshore Jurisdiction

checkbox Servers In 60+ Countries

checkbox AD & Malware Blocking

checkbox Supports Major Operating Systems

checkbox Major Streaming Platforms Supported


checkbox No Logging Policy

checkbox Servers In 60+ Countries

checkbox Socks 5 Proxies

checkbox Supports Major Streaming Platforms

checkbox Up to 5 Concurrent Connections


checkbox Servers in 280 locations

checkbox 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

checkbox Unlimited Bandwidth for P2P/Torrenting

checkbox Supports Major Operating Systems

checkbox Up to 5 Concurrent Connections


checkbox Proprietary Chameleon Protocol

checkbox Servers In 70+ Locations

checkbox Unlimited Bandwidth for P2P/Torrenting

checkbox Supports Major Operating Systems

checkbox Up to 10 Concurrent Connections


checkbox Smart Routing - Specialized Servers

checkbox Servers in 25+ locations

checkbox Unlimited Bandwidth for P2P/Torrenting

checkbox Supports Major Operating Systems

checkbox Up to 5 Concurrent Connections


checkbox No Logging Policy

checkbox Servers in 40+ Locations

checkbox Unlimited Bandwidth for P2P/Torrenting

checkbox Supports Major Operating Systems

checkbox Leak Tests


checkbox No Logging Policy

checkbox Servers in 20+ Countries

checkbox Unlimited Bandwidth for P2P/Torrenting

checkbox Supports Major Operating Systems

checkbox Up to 12 Concurrent Connections


VPN for beginners

Hackers are threatening to terrorize people of all ages, locations, and backgrounds when they use the Internet. They are the most dangerous agents on the web, being capable of inflicting damage in numerous ways: via DDoS attacks, taking over social media or banking accounts, installing crypto mining malware, spying on traffic, and more.

Being able to hide your traffic from hackers and cybercriminals help you protect your privacy and online security, and the best way to achieve that is by hiring a Virtual Private Network (VPN) service provider.

VPNs hide your traffic and location information so you can browse the web in complete anonymity. It creates a virtual tunnel for the user's data to pass through, avoiding hackers, cybercriminals, crypto miners, advertising showing customized ads based on your visited pages, copyright trolls, and even malware developers. Also, you can dodge unpleasant situations, such as censorship and government surveillance.

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VPN Protocols Explained in Easy Terms

The modern internet is full of nefarious online threats, from hackers to malware, and even different agencies such as the NSA who aim to monitor all internet traffic for their own purposes. Due to this, using additional protection software has become a necessity, and this situation has been the norm for several years now. To ensure the protection of individuals and businesses, online security experts created services called VPNs (Virtual Private Networks), which can protect users' online traffic by employing different methods.

Most of the quality VPN services provide high-quality security protocols, which can create a tunnel around users' information flow, and employ encryption which makes it impossible for anyone apart from the user to see what is going on. Over the years, developers have created numerous different protocols which differ in multiple aspects, including encryption strength, speed, and security, in general.

Users interested in employing one of many VPN services for the protection of their browsing sessions should be familiar with what these protocols are, how they work, and what they can offer. Knowing this information can make all the difference when it comes to choosing the proper VPN service. Because of that, we have created a simple guide that will make understanding the nature and possibilities of security protocols easy to understand.

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What are the benefits of using a VPN

A lot of internet users see VPN services as an unreplaceable part of their online experience. VPNs can be an excellent method of achieving privacy and anonymity online, but they also allow users to protect their sensitive information. Protecting yourself online is an essential part of today's internet culture, as online threats such as malware, hacking incidents, online censorship, or online traffic monitoring are common issues.

The problem is that the lack of awareness regarding these dangers is preventing people from adequately protecting themselves, which is why they often unknowingly make it easy for hackers to steal and sell their information, or misuse it in some other way. Also, ISPs, government agencies, and even schools and companies with a large number of employees are often tracking the online actions of internet users.

Luckily, VPNs can prevent most of these issues, in addition to providing users with complete online anonymity and unrestricted access to online content. It is perfect for travelers, as it can give them access to content from different countries, and also protect them while using unsecured public networks. To learn more about why it is crucial to have a VPN as part of your internet experience, what benefits a VPN service can offer, and what to look for while searching for the right VPN — read our full article on why you should start using a VPN right now by clicking here.

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Why do I need a VPN for Torrenting

Using a torrent client can be a great method to get to some necessary files which can be shared among internet users. The process is free, so no one is actually making a profit out of it. It is always advised to protect your identity while torrenting. Not doing so may cause problems for you, if you inadvertently happen to download something that is copyrighted.

Downloading copyrighted content is by no means advisable, and users should not engage in such actions, as they can be considered illegal. However, it is also important for users to protect their identities, which can be fully exposed while downloading or uploading regular files. If left unprotected, this information can lead to the identification of the user, and pretty much anyone can do it, including governments, agencies, companies, and especially hackers.

This is where VPN technology comes in. It is simple to use, and it can be priceless when it comes to protecting user identity, their information, or their location. If you wish to know how to protect yourself by using VPNs.

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VPN Glossary

These days, when the safety of user data and online security are questionable, at best, many decide to take matters into their own hands and protect themselves by using VPN technology. However, VPN comes with a wide variety of new terms that can be complicated to understand, especially by new users. Hopefully, our guide to understanding some of these terms will help, as VPN is becoming less of choice and more of a necessity with each passing day.

Advanced Encryption Standard — AES

AES, often presented as AES-256, is one of the best encryption protocols, and many VPN services employ it. It is believed to be unbreakable, even with today's technology, which is why even the US federal government, as well as other well-known cyber security experts, use it. It was perfected in the last decades, and countless tests were already performed to test its strength, all of them confirming that this encryption standard cannot be broken by modern technology.

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