VyprVPN: the “Swiss Army” knife for privacy and security options

VPN technology provides privacy and online security through anonymous browsing. It can implement protocols to create a virtual tunnel and hide the user’s IP address and traffic from hackers, copyright trolls, cybercriminals, surveillance, and law enforcement agencies, malware developers, crypto miners, directed advertising, and other privacy-invasive third parties, agents, or situations.

One of the best options that the market provides is VyprVPN. With Swiss jurisdiction and a myriad of security features and offerings, this Golden Frog product is well positioned to fight for people’s data privacy and wellbeing. It does have a couple of issues, such as torrenting and the fact that it does keep some connection logs, but those are manageable.

VyprVPN’s fast speeds, stable performance, server network, and security tools make it one of the most complete alternatives to protect yourself and your connection from hackers and prying eyes on the web.

The company implements military-grade encryption to make sure that no data bits are leaked while you surf the web, and thanks to its proprietary Chameleon protocol, it “scrambles” your metadata to avoid Deep Packet Inspections (DPI) performed by some of the most restrictive nations around the planet when it comes to encryption.

Quick Stats


Best Price

$5 per month ($60 billed every 12 months)

Money Back Guarantee

30 Days

Concurrent Connections


Streaming Services Available

Netflix US and most common streaming services

Special features

Cloud, DNS servers, Chameleon protocol, Kill-Switch, OpenVPN, NAT Firewall

Available Locations


Logging Policy

Limited logging for 30 Days

Amount of servers



Overall, VyprVPN, a product of the Golden Frog company, it has all the necessary tools to protect users’ content from hackers, cybercriminals, malware developers, crypto miners, online advertisers, surveillance, censorship, and other unwanted agents or situations. However, the brand does keep some logs that make total anonymity an impossible mission.

According to VyprVPN’s website, its primary mission, is to “protect your privacy online, secure your Internet connection and restore your freedom.” It is well-equipped to do it, thanks to the implementation of several protocols, including OpenVPN (the one configured by default,) and also PPTP, IPSec, and L2TP. The encryption is the military-grade AES 256-bit key, which is the same as the FBI, NSA, and CIA use.

However, the one feature that takes VyprVPN content protection to another level is the presence of the Chameleon protocol. Countries such as China and North Korea have been tracking down VPN users thanks to deep packet inspections, a resource that scans metadata and looks for signs of VPN usage.
Authorities then follow the trail and catch the “offenders,” blocking websites for them or throttling their connection to render VPNs useless. However, VyprVPN developed the Chameleon tool to scramble the metadata to make it impossible to be tracked by anyone.

That is why VyprVPN is such a useful VPN to have if you are a Russian, North Korean, Chinese, or an Iranian citizen or if you are a tourist visiting one of those nations. The Chameleon feature is not available for iOS users, though.

Now, to the negatives. As you can see, VyprVPN has all the necessary resources to protect your content from leaking around the web, but it doesn’t have a bullet-proof, true-to-its-word no-logging policy.

VyprVPN keeps some connection data for up to a month. They log connection start and stop time, the total number of bytes used, and the VyprVPN IP address you implement. Here is precisely what Golden Frog does not collect from VyprVPN sessions:

  • Does not log a user’s traffic or the content of any communications.
  • Does not perform deep packet inspection of your traffic, except where requested by the customer for firewall purposes.
  • Does not perform shallow packet inspection of your traffic, except where requested by the customer for firewall purposes.
  • Does not discriminate against devices, protocols, or applications. Golden Frog is network neutral.
  • Does not throttle your Internet connection.
  • Does not rate limit Internet connection.

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Not only is VyprVPN speedy, but it is also pretty stable when it comes to performance, making it an excellent option for data-intensive tasks such as streaming and online gaming. However, the brand discourages P2P activity, which is why torrenting is to be done at the user’s risk.

VyprVPN, through the implementation of secure encryption and efficient protocols, is prepared to prevent DNS and IP leaks at all times. Additionally, the product is overly simple to install, set up, and use: users just need to download the appropriate client or app, execute the file, and follow the instructions.

After the installation has been completed, you need to launch the VPN app and press the blue button on the display or screen that reads “Connect.” Pick your preferred location, and you are ready to browse the web anonymously.

VyprVPN’s tech team knows what it is doing: configurations are solid, servers connect without any issues, and speeds are optimized. When using public Wi-Fi, you will automatically join the fastest server available. Overall, VyprVPN is one of the most stable VPN offerings in the industry.


VyprVPN may not be the absolute best VPN in the industry, but it sure is among the best, and one of the main reasons is the excellent catalog of features and security offerings that it can provide its customers.

You are already familiarized with the Chameleon protocol. Amongst its offerings is the VyprVPN Cloud feature, which can supply another security layer to the user at the moment of accessing cloud services. It works, as of now, with Amazon Web Services, DigitalOcean, and VirtualBox.

VyrVPN also comes with a NAT Firewall. It means Network Address Translation, and it can block unrequested inbound traffic, for example, bots scanning for open ports. The majority of routers use NAT to share one Internet connection with all the devices connected.

VyprDNS also exists in the catalog, which means that this brand can offer its own DNS servers to protect users against possible man in the middle attacks. It is a handy feature to have around.

If your VPN connection is lost, you may be vulnerable to third-party tracking, DDoS attacks, hacking activity, crypto mining, data logging, and website blocking. That is why it is crucial to have a kill switch that can turn off your Internet connection and avoid unwanted breaches of your privacy. Thankfully, VyprVPN can provide one.

VyprVPN is also known within the industry for blocking malicious sites. It is an option that filters/blocks a list of domains that are known to spread malware, so you have one less thing to worry about.

When it comes to Netflix, we also have good news. While the world’s premier streaming platform is known for blocking several VPNs with the dreaded “proxy error,” VyprVPN works with it, ensuring the opportunity to see the latest movies and the hottest TV series.

However, it is essential that you check with VyprVPN’s support section the exact server availability to unblock the American version of Netflix, which is by far the most exciting one. VyprVPN, being a fast and secure VPN, is also compatible with other streaming networks, as well as with Kodi.

VyprVPN is especially interesting because it owns the totality of its server network. That is crucial, in a positive way: it means that the ecosystem is safer, since the servers aren’t shared with any third parties, and these can’t log activity data like rented servers often do.

VyprVPN, overall, shows a particularly distrustful stance over third-parties, of all types. That is fantastic since it means better performance and more control over your privacy and security.


There are two plans to choose with VyprVPN: the first one is the standard, and the second one is the Premium. The former costs $9.95 per month and lets you connect three different devices at the same time.

The Premium package is better and more complete. It comes with the availability to connect a maximum of five different devices at the same time, as opposed to the three of the standard plans. Also, you could get the VyprVPN Cloud feature with the most expensive version, as well as the Chameleon protocol, unavailable in the basic mode.

The standard VyprVPN service costs $9.95, and the Premium is a little more expensive at $12.95. However, if you choose to pay once every 12 months, you get a discount as it happens with most VPN brands.

The basic plan costs the equivalent of $5 per month, billed as a one-time yearly payment of $60. The Premium package checks in at the equivalent of $6.67 per 30 days, or $80 paid by the user once every 12 months.

There are several ways to pay for the VyprVPN service, but none of them are anonymous, which means that you can’t pay, as of now, with Bitcoin. You can pay with PayPal, AliPay, and all the major credit cards: Discover, American Express, Visa, and Master Card.

Users can enjoy a three-day free trial with VyprVPN, but it does require you to provide your billing information because once the period is up, the company will start charging for its services. VyprVPN makes that very clear, so there is no confusion.


There is no need to lie: one of the first things that a potential customer looks for in a VPN brand before acquiring it (some may argue it is the very first aspect) is connection speed. VPN technology, by default, slows down the Internet connection of the user somewhat.

Some brands may do it slightly, and others may do it in such a way that Internet becomes unusable. Thankfully, VyprVPN belongs to the first group: speed tests show that on nearly all servers (mainly EU and US-based,) you can enjoy the service encryption almost as if you weren’t using a VPN!

VyprVPN slows down your connection by less than 25% in most cases, which is acceptable. In tests, it has performed very well: if the regular, non-VPN connection 100 Mbps of download and 50 Mbps of upload, VyprVPN can get to 75 Mbps and 35 Mbps, respectively, which are more than acceptable rates. Those tests are for EU servers.

Naturally, since VyprVPN is based in Switzerland, the closer the person is, the faster the connection will be. Asian servers didn’t fare that well in tests, but the speeds returned were likewise respectable.

Available Locations

VyprVPN offers more than 700 servers, which is more than most brands but short of the elite. The 70 nations available for connection, though, are comfortably above average, if not among the highest numbers within the industry.

The server selection includes the possibility to access more than 200,000 IP addresses. You can connect to servers in all continents: Europe, North America, Central America, South America, Oceania, Asia, and Africa.

The United States has several servers in various cities available, as does Europe. Both are, as it is usual among VPN brands, well-covered. Even Central and South America have more than a few countries, but both could use a few additions.

Africa is the one continent that lacks a broad server network. There are only two servers, located in Algeria (Algiers) and Egypt (Cairo,) with no servers in South Africa or any other country. All in all, VyprVPN’s server network is among the largest, though.

Platforms and devices

VyprVPN supports most of the platforms and operating systems that are widely used today in several locations. Among them are Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Smart TVs, and even routers.

The VPN brand is also helpful, through more than 50 tutorials, guides, and manuals, if you want to install it on less conventional, yet still widespread devices, such as Blackberry, DD-WRT, Boxee, OpenELEC, QNAP, Blackphone, Chromebooks, Linux, Android TV, Apple TV, Anonabox, and Synology NAS.


VyprVPN is headquartered in Switzerland in the heart of European soil. While there are mixed feelings about a Swiss jurisdiction, the truth is that it is an acceptable location for privacy, as data protection is included in the country legal framework.

Switzerland is an independent, neutral country by trade, and it is not a member of the European Union nor the notorious Five Eyes or 14 Eyes mass surveillance alliances in the continent.

It is not a coincidence that VyprVPN and Golden Frog decided to pick Switzerland as the legal jurisdiction of the company. Ron and Carolyn Yokubaitis, owners of the security company, have a long history of battling surveillance and defending data privacy. VyprVPN, in fact, was created as a response to the Room 641a scandal, which involved data collection through the At&T network.

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Customer support

Although VyprVPN is particularly straightforward to install and use, there is always the possibility of encountering some problems along the way. That is what customer service is for: to guide clients in the process of solving an issue.

VyprVPN has several tutorials and guides on how to install the service in a myriad of platforms and operating systems, which is nice. However, the live chat feature isn’t among the best in the business.

Overall, customer service isn’t fast and responsive. There is also the option of contacting the staff via email or by filling out a form. Sending a message via Facebook is another way to reach the department. However, they can take a while to get back to you.

Bottom Line

A proprietary protocol called Chameleon, ideal for countries with censorship and surveillanceIt keeps some logs for up to a month
NAT Firewall, DNS leak protection, and a kill switchIt can discourage P2P and torrenting activity
A three-day free trialNo anonymous payment methods available
Top encryption and a wide array of protocols available, including OpenVPN
Speedy and stable

In conclusion, VyprVPN may not have the same “press” reputation as some of its elite brothers and sisters, but it is an excellent service on its own. Some may even claim that it belongs in that shiny group of the top 10 VPN in the industry.

It is not easy to find a VPN with such shiny features and focus on developing tools for enhanced security and data privacy. After all, VyprVPN has a kill switch, DNS leak protection, zero- knowledge DNS, a NAT Firewall, obfuscation via the Chameleon protocol, OpenVPN availability, multi-platform availability and support (including routers,) and AES 256-bit encryption.

While it is clear that few options can top VyprVPN’s offerings, the lack of a complete zero-log privacy policy is a little disconcerting. The brand does keep some logs for 30 days, but at least it is transparent about it.

With more than 700 servers in 70 nations around the world, you can choose where to “fall” in the map and unblock content without few issues. The speeds are more than acceptable, and with Netflix compatibility and the ability to access other geo-restricted platforms, VyprVPN has quickly become one of the favorite VPNs around.

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