A top-notch VPN service with fast speeds and servers in 60 countries

VPNs are not only useful, but also necessary apps to have these days for online safety and privacy. They provide anonymous browsing by encrypting and rerouting the user’s content to remote servers, effectively hiding their traffic and IP address from the claws of potentially dangerous agents on the web.

VPN technology replaces the Internet Service Provider (ISP) as the entity that manages the customer’s connection requests, positioning itself between the latter and the Internet. Thanks to the VPN’s IP-hiding action, the client can avoid contact with hackers, cybercriminals, online advertisers, copyright trolls, and other dangerous agents, not to mention circumvent surveillance, censorship, and geo-blocking.

One of the most widely recognized VPNs in the industry is IPVanish. It is an American brand with a year’s long track record of protecting their users’ identity and traffic while providing fast speeds to unblock streaming sites from abroad, as well as other pages and services.

With more than 1,000 servers in 60 nations around the world, a myriad of configuration options, and some of the best rates in the industry when it comes to speed, IPVanish is currently one of the most implemented VPN apps in the world, and for good reason.

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Quick Stats


Amount of Servers


Logging Policy

No Logging

Amount of locations

60 Countries

Special Features

SOCKS5 proxy, DNS leak protection, a kill switch, Netflix compatibility, OpenVPN and other protocols, P2P & torrenting allowed

Concurrent Connections


Available Streaming Services

Netflix and Others

Money Back Gurantee

7 Days

Best Price

$6.49 per month (Yearly Plan)


When it comes to content protection, few VPN brands can match IPVanish policies and offerings. While it is true that 100 percent anonymity is impossible to achieve these days, numerous brands claim to provide satisfactory privacy levels only to leave you hanging. That is not the case with IPVanish.

Thankfully, this brand not only has a no-logging policy (in reality, most paid-for VPN apps do,) but also fulfills its privacy promises like no other, and that is actually what separates IPVanish from the pack when it comes to identity and content protection.

Lines like “we have a strict policy against the collection of both connection and activity logs. We will never store the metadata about your VPN session or information about how you used the service,” or “IPVanish does not collect or log any traffic or use of its Virtual Private Network service,” or “we do not sell or rent personal information to others.” That’s music for the ears of the privacy-conscious.

As a bonus, IPVanish does not inject ads into your browsing experience to earn more money, as some VPN brands do. Despite being based in the United States, IPVanish’s privacy policy is an excellent one.

The company also offers excellent AES 256-bit encryption, which is the one that most of the leading security organizations and countries’ authorities use to protect their content from prying eyes.


With fast speeds, huge platform compatibility, and a relatively safe performance with no IP, DNS, or WebRTC leak problems, IPVanish offers excellent stability as part of its all-around privacy and security service.

The company also provides support for a healthy set of VPN protocols. For example, it offers OpenVPN, the most successful of the bunch, in both of its presentations: OpenVPN TCP and OpenVPN UDP.

Other supported protocols are IKEv2 and IPsec (IKEv1,) with additional legacy support for L2TP (Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol) and PPTP (Peer to Peer Tunneling Protocol.)

IPVanish also has a myriad of technical features and security offerings that provide the user with options, but they don’t make IPVanish one of the easiest to use, or user-friendly services around. Some of these available configurations are startup behavior, updates, kill switch, DNS leak protection, obfuscation, port number, with what frequency your IP address is disguised, DNS configuration, and local client log.

All IPVanish products work just fine, the apps are responsive, and desktop clients are lauded because of their feature-rich nature. Overall, when considering speeds, ease of use, device compatibility, protocol availability, and content protection, IPVanish is one of the most stable VPN apps in the market.


Few brands can match IPVanish’s set of features. You can find the regular stuff, such as a kill switch to turn down your Internet in the event of a VPN connection failure, and DNS leak protection to avoid being tracked on the web; but there are more things to enjoy: the protection extends to IPv6 leaks as well, and there is a download-free SOCKS5 web proxy.

A SOCKS5 web proxy is a tool that lets users access a particular proxy server protocol that owes its name to the short version of “Socket Security.” You can enjoy similar benefits than a regular VPN without having to download the app or client.

Users can hide their traffic and location information, fend off hackers, and unblock international content (basically, the primary offerings of a VPN) without the need to download a third-party service.

The SOCKS5 web proxy is not as secure as a VPN service, and you should be alerted about that to avoid unwanted surprises. However, to acquire an IP address from a different location and unblock a different page, it is a useful feature.

Another excellent IPVanish offering is that P2P activity and torrenting are allowed, without any restrictions. The service has no objections whatsoever and even prompts users to “torrent freely and privately”.

With IPVanish, customers can connect up to five different devices at the same time under the same account, which is more than most brands allow these days and even better than most of its competitors. You can protect your smartphone, desktop computer, laptop, Roku, and tablet, for example.

Another excellent piece of news is that IPVanish works with Netflix. Most of the server farm can be used to unlock content in the world’s most significant international movie and series database.

The company doesn’t explicitly state on their website if it can let users stream Netflix or not, since the platform is actively blocking VPN connections when they detect them. Maybe IPVanish is watching its back, but you should know that tests don’t lie and you can use the brand for this purpose.


IPVanish’s pricing structure is pretty standard, with a little above average cost. However, since it is a quality service, the monthly (or yearly) hit to your budget isn’t as painful as having to pay for something you don’t like.

The monthly rate is $10, which of course involves no savings. Now, while there is no six-month option like you can find in the majority of VPN brands, IPVanish offers a three-month plan, at $26.99. It is billed four times a year, one every quarter, and the average monthly price goes down to $8.99, and the annual payment goes from $120 to $107.96.

IPVanish does come with the option to pay for the full year: the price drops to $77.99, which brings the average monthly cost to an enticing $6.49, a 46 percent saving considering the standard, monthly $10 payment.


Let’s not kid ourselves: when we look for a VPN service, one of the top three aspects we search for is speed. Since VPN technology slows down Internet connections by default, we want a brand that delivers the weakest possibly blow.

In that regard, IPVanish is very convenient, as it is among the fastest VPN companies in the world. The firm not only invests in security features and server-related infrastructure, but also in having the best possible rates to let users perform critical activities such as torrenting, streaming, or gaming, that usually requires better performance than regular browsing.

IPVanish is fast enough to slow down the user’s connection by only a few percentage points on average, while other VPNs are way higher.

One of the most exciting things about IPVanish is its broad server farm. Average-sized brands often have between 100 and 400 servers, while the elite companies can surpass 2,000 and even 3,000 in some cases.

IPVanish comes in at 1,100 servers, which is somewhere in the middle of both classifications. The number could stand to be improved, but it is more than sufficient, and it all gets better when you hear that they are spread among 60 nations, which is a comfortably above-average figure.

The 1,100 servers are primarily located in Europe and North America, but they can also be found in Africa, Asia (including China), Central and South America, India, and the Middle East.

Platforms & Devices

Platform compatibility is yet another crucial feature in a VPN service provider, especially if you own gadgets, several operating systems or if you have a big family, each member with a different device to cover.

Thankfully, IPVanish delivers in this particular area, being compatible with the vast majority of devices, operating systems, gadgets, and platforms existing in the market. The brand also makes sure to let users manually set it up on Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS, Windows phones, Ubuntu, Chromebook, and even on your routers.


Jurisdiction refers to the place in which a specific VPN has its headquarters and under which laws it has, or should, comply to avoid legal consequences, although it will always depend on the nation in question.

In some cases, customers and VPN users make judgments about a particular company’s jurisdiction, but the reality is that legal frameworks are continually changing and there are external considerations to take into account.

In the case of IPVanish, it has US’ legal jurisdiction. In a general view of things, the United States doesn’t have any mandatory data retention laws to speak of, but by now, their government’s mass spying operations are no secret to anybody. Law enforcement agencies can quickly issue a subpoena and “persuade” a brand to hand over activity logs of a specific user, in the case that they exist.

However, the majority of those intelligence-related incidents and spying were performed at the network level, and the fact remains that a VPN will protect from interference and prying eyes on the web with that being the case. While some users may be scared off by IPVanish’s jurisdiction, there are no data logs to hand to authorities.

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Customer support

IPVanish claims that it has a 24/7/365 customer support service. However, the claims are suspect, as there isn’t even a live chat feature for users to solve their issues in a matter of minutes with a company staffer.

The brand functions via a support ticket system, but even in that case, the help isn’t always immediate. The auto-response tells the user that its inquiry will be replied to in one or two days. That means if you are in a hurry or need to find a quick solution on a Friday, the answer to your request will come, most likely, on Monday. Not exactly 24/7/365 support.

A powerful point in IPVanish’s favor is the vast knowledgebase, which is frankly one of the best I have seen.

Bottom Line

A sound No Logging PolicyCustomer services is not 365/24/7
Robust AES 256-bit encryptionTrouble working in China
Very fast, stable and reliable
Provides anonymous payment options
A myriad of security and unblocking features

In conclusion, if your primary objectives to achieve with a VPN app are fast speeds and superior security and content protection measures and policies, then make no mistake: IPVanish is very good choice for you.

It may not be the smoothest app or the easiest one to use, but experienced people in online security and privacy will tell you that IPVanish has all the configuration options you need to decide how to protect your valued digital assets from prying eyes.
Also, IPVanish has a broad network that includes 1,100+ servers in 60 nations around the world. That means that you can unblock geo-restricted content in 60 countries, a situation that goes smoothly with the brand’s Netflix support.

While IPVanish’s live chat is non-existent and the support section isn’t particularly fast, the VPN service is, with impressive download and upload speeds. The overall package is quite exciting, which prompts us to recommend IPVanish as a top contender.

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