The simple VPN for everyone is here!

HideMyAss is as simple as it gets really. Ideal for first time VPN users, this software guarantees privacy while also delivering an incredible level of performance that is felt each time you surf the web or stream your favorite movie.

With its dedicated servers for P2P sharing and video streaming, HideMyAss packs in a powerful punch for those who wish to unlock Netflix, Hulu, and a host of other geo-restricted streaming content. Best of all, it does so in a very intuitive manner and is perfect for everyone!


Quick Stats


Money Back Guarantee

30 Days

Best Price

$4.99 / Month

Allowed Concurrent Connections


Supported Streaming Services

Netflix and Hulu; will secure Kodi

Number of server locations

280 locations, 190 countries

Amount of Servers


Special Features

Dedicated streaming and P2P sharing servers, Fast speeds, Easy to use, Kill Switch, Maintains own DNS servers

Looging Policy

Logs user data


HideMyAss does a great job at securing your privacy online. The VPN, once switched on, will give you a virtual IP address making you untraceable online. Turn it on, and it’ll keep all your security concerns at bay with its features.

In addition to this IP hiding, HideMyAss will also encrypt all your data which means the information between your computer or device and the network will travel in a secure digital tunnel. HideMyAss thus makes your data safe from prying eyes. Even if they happen to chance upon your data, it’ll be a test of true grit for them to decipher information, thanks to military-grade encryption!

Specifically, HideMyAss uses AES-256 encryption, which is one of the most robust standards in use. When it comes to the VPN protocols in use, the app provides several options to choose from: IKEv2/IPSec, L2TP/IPSec, and of course OpenVPN. We highly recommend using the OpenVPN protocol for the most secure online experience.

We also greatly liked the Kill Switch, which will automatically cut off all network connections when the VPN connectivity is tampered with. This ensures your data as well as yourself stay safe at all times. With other VPNs that miss this feature, a dropout in the internet connectivity will mean that your data will suddenly leave the secure VPN tunnel and travel instead through an insecure network, exposing it to third-parties. This really defies the very purpose of having a VPN in the first place. It’s great to have a VPN that supports a kill switch, for, you can easily turn this functionality on and it will automatically shut off all incoming and outgoing connections should the VPN connectivity dropout at any point of time. This ensures your data stays secure at all times.

Also, HideMyAss maintains its own DNS servers, which help you resolve web addresses without putting your identity and privacy at stake. This ensures your browsing activity is truly protected. A great feature indeed which won’t be found on all VPNs but is definitely a very powerful one that can make all the difference to privacy online.

Last but certainly not least, HideMyAss will ensure DNS and IPv6 leak protection. It is important to note that this is a feature not found on all VPN services. What this feature means is that the VPN will not leak DNS information— while some VPN do a great job at hiding your IP address, they inadvertently leak DNS information, which defies the purpose of having a VPN in the first place. With HideMyAss, however, you can rest assured your privacy is secured. You can easily test that this VPN does not leak any DNS information by visiting any IP leak test website. It won’t show your real location, which is a sign your VPN is working the way it should.


VPNs do a great job at protecting the identity of their users but can often be problematic when it comes to the stability and reliability of the connections. Connections can frequently drop or keep switching on and off every once in a while. With HideMyAss, however, you get a strong and reliable connection to the VPN server and the internet.

The only requirement is for you to have a stable base internet connection which is uninterruptible. HideMyAss will quickly connect you to the VPN server of your choice in a little more than 5 seconds; from then onwards you should experience a fairly smooth internet experience with no disconnections and dropouts.

If you’re using HideMyAss to unlock geo-restricted content on Netflix, BBC iPlayer, or Hulu, the choice of the streaming server will be critical, for, it will determine if you’ll be able to stream your favorite shows at all. We recommend using the designated US streaming servers if you wish to view US Netflix content, for instance. It must be noted that

unlocking geo-restricted content is a very sensitive space when it comes to VPNs as a server that successfully unblocks shows might suddenly stop working the very next day.
HideMyAss also provides a free web proxy that allows users to cloak their IP addresses and browse the internet in an anonymous manner. The web proxy will allow you to access websites blocked by the local government since it routes your network traffic via a different server, giving you a virtual IP address.

While this is also what the paid VPN subscription does, the latter also encrypts your data in addition, which makes it truly unreadable for prying agents. Furthermore, you can easily get around your ISP’s tracking with the use of a VPN.

Ease of use

HideMyAss is an easy to use VPN service that features a minimalistic app for you to download and use on your OS. The desktop apps are simple and mimic mobile apps, making them very intuitive to use. You wouldn’t need to scourge manuals before being able to understand what each button or option means and does. It’s extremely simple to use, making it ideal for beginners.

You’ll be able to easily access the preferences and settings by clicking on the options button in the app. However, the level of customization is limited. The fact that HideMyAss targets beginners explains the lack of full manual controls in the app.

All you need to secure VPN connectivity and make your internet experience safe is to open the HideMyAss app and select the server of your choice. There’s even a search functionality for you to reach your desired server. Moreover, you can bookmark servers to quickly access them the second time without wasting time locating that ideal server you used in the previous browsing session.

Ease of use is extremely important for any software and VPNs are no exception. No user would like to use an app that’s overly complicated to use or appears intimidating at first sight. This is particularly true for beginners who are often inexperienced with VPN usage and need a one-click solution to their privacy needs. HideMyAss understands the importance of user-friendly design and has optimized its apps to cater to users in the best possible way. The menus, buttons, and options are all well-placed throughout the interface.

Quite a number of times we come across VPNs that are notorious enough to place commonly accessed functions and features deep inside settings menus. This not only makes them difficult to use but also wastes time in setting things up every time. It is thus imperative for VPNs to organize their server location selection drop-down menus, kill switch, and connect buttons well.

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Speed tests regularly feature some of the most important parameters on which VPNs are rated and compared. While speed and performance tests are essential to consider without a doubt, it must be remembered that the speed of the connection is a variable that depends on several different factors that include the state of the connection and the choice of the VPN server just to name a few. If your base network is slow to begin with, there’s little your VPN can do. However, there’s an interesting exception: ISPs often throttle user network connections to manage bandwidth. If your ISP throttles your speed, having a VPN in place is a great way to bypass speed limits set by your internet provider. The next time your ISP imposes a speed limit on your connection, just use a VPN and connect to a fast remote server. You might be surprised!

HideMyAss has been consistently praised for its top-notch performance in speed tests. It gives amazing upload as well as download speeds which means not only will users be able to stream or download content at lightning fast speeds but they’ll also be able to upload their own content in the blink of an eye.

In our speed tests, we found that the download speeds fell just a bit short of the baseline speeds (the speed of the connection without the VPN switched on) which is a great thing since it signals that the VPN is basically invisible, hardly impacting the connection at all. VPNs are known to impact both the upload and download speeds of the connection, but in the case of HideMyAss, this impact is negligible.

We also observed a very low latency of the order of 2-6 ms. This has obvious benefits for gamers and P2P service users. The connection time varies from server to server but was observed to be lower than 10 seconds every time in our tests.

The choice of the server is a very important fact here, and we found that the closer the chosen server is to your real geo-location, the faster will be the speed of the connection in general. This is completely logical since all your data is routed via the VPN server to the designated web server.

Available Locations

This is where it gets really interesting! VPNs race ahead of each other sporting as many VPN server locations as they can, for, this feature provides users with greater flexibility and options. With HideMyAss, we observed some of the largest numbers of servers and locations we’ve seen in VPN software.

HideMyAss features more than 880 servers in more than 190 countries around the world. The company states that they possess servers in nearly 300 locations worldwide. There are also some 5,000 IP addresses in the pool. Users have a lot of choices when it comes to server locations.

HideMyAss has been praised for their commitment to quality or quantity and has been known to replace slow servers and optimize their network from time to time to ensure greater customer satisfaction.

When accessing geo-restricted content on Netflix and Hulu, we recommend connecting to the designated US streaming server for the best results. Furthermore, you should also use a VPN when using Kodi. While there’s nothing to unblock, of course, with Kodi, using a VPN ensures the system does not leak any information to your ISP.

Few VPN apps and services feature as many servers and locations as HideMyAss. The vast choice of servers is great when it comes to bypassing censorship. Citizens of countries where firewalls prevent access to websites and servers can use a VPN and connect to a remote server, say one in the US, to bypass restrictions and access websites of their choice.

Furthermore, if you reside in or are traveling to a region where certain websites are blocked, having a VPN connected to your home country’s VPN server will ensure you to see the web the way you’re used to seeing it while also unblocking your favorite websites.

Platforms and devices

Device compatibility is a major concern in the digital age. We now possess smartphones and devices in addition to laptops and the good old desktops. It is important, therefore, to have a VPN solution that can secure all your devices without you having to purchase separate subscriptions of different VPNs for your devices.

HideMyAss is supported on the great variety of OS platforms. It is easily installed on Windows and Mac, even on Linux. It is important to note that while most VPN will install on Windows and Mac OS, only a few support the Linux OS as well. What’s more, you can install HideMyAss on your iPhone or iPad (iOS devices) in addition to your Android smartphone. There are native apps available for all these platforms which work out of the box. You just need to install the app and can get started with a safe browsing experience secured by the might of the VPN. Last but not least, there’s even a version for your router.

Securing your router with a VPN is a great idea to secure your entire home network. If you’ve secured your router with HideMyAss, you can rest assured all your information is as safe as it gets.

HideMyAss also makes your network future-proof. IoT (Internet of Things) is the latest technology to have taken the world by storm, and envisions a future of smart connected devices that communicate with each other on their own. However, with such 24 x 7 connectivity emerges the concern of security. Protecting and securing IoT networks is crucial indeed, for, such a network landing into the hands of a cybercriminal can place your sensitive information in the wrong hands. HideMyAss advises users of IoT networks to secure their routers using the router VPN version which secures the entire network in one go.

What’s more, HideMyAss also provides browser extensions which are easily installed on the popular browsers with one click. No need to install any apps: just install the HideMyAss browser extension and enjoy a safe browsing experience.

While it’s easy enough to install HideMyAss on your favorite device and OS, should you face any problems, you can easily get in touch with their customer support for a speedy resolution to your queries. We were delighted to find 24 x 7 live chat functionality on their website, a great way to quickly seek solutions to problems. In addition, there are extensive online guides on the HideMyAss website which address the most common problems and queries.






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The choice of jurisdiction has far-reaching consequences for VPN companies. This is because they need to abide by the local data privacy laws and might be required to divulge sensitive user information on request by the government authorities.

HideMyAss is based in the UK, which has very stringent privacy laws. HideMyAss has to observe the data laws and respect the agreements the UK has with the US pertaining to sharing intelligence information. Given these regulations, HideMyAss will be required to hand over user information to law enforcement agencies if the situation arises.

This might, after all, not ring an alarm bell for most of us users as these laws are in place for our own safety. However, those who will not tolerate any instance of log-keeping might be affected. VPNs based in locations that do not require companies to keep detailed logs of user’s activity online work on this very principle. They do not possess any logs of user activity and are thus unable to hand anything to authorities.

In the case of HideMyAss, the company will not keep a track of what it is that you are exactly accessing using their service but will store your IP address (real), timestamps of your browsing sessions, and the aggregate data usage during sessions. Such logs help the company deliver better services to the end user by optimizing the network.

The logging policy of HideMyAss states that the company stores the user logs for a period of 30 days following which it is deleted. However, the company can choose to keep the logs under certain circumstances. If the company feels a breach in their End User Agreement, they might choose to store user data beyond a period of 3 months.


Bottom Line

HideMyAss is ideal for those just starting out using a VPNLogs user data
Lightning fast speed and performance over different serversBased in the UK which is not the most privacy-friendly region
Unblocks geo-restricted content on Netflix and Hulu with the right serversLacks some advanced features found in other VPN
A large number of server locations to choose from
Supports torrenting and P2P

HideMyAss is one of those VPNs which present users with a minimalistic interface which is easy to navigate and use. You won’t get lost in the endless list of options and settings. All you need to be able to secure your browsing session is to open the app, which mimics a mobile interface and select the server of your choice. That’s about it. You can also get back to favorite servers you used and liked earlier.

One of the best things we really liked about HideMyAss is its excellent speed performance. The VPN delivers blazing fast speeds that’ll make you forget you’re on a VPN connection. The drop in performance is barely noticeable. Long distance connections, which VPNs often struggle to cope with, are a breeze for HideMyAss which smoothly sails through them without a problem. This means you can easily and seamlessly connect to far off servers in remote locations at your will without worrying about using a slow connection. Your connection stays almost as fast as it can possibly be with very low latency.

HideMyAss sports powerful military-grade AES-256 encryption which ensures all your data travels in a secure encrypted tunnel that keeps hackers and prying eyes away. Your IP address remains hidden at all times keeping with the spirit of a VPN in the real sense. HideMyAss also shines with its DNS leak prevention features that ensures absolutely no sensitive information is ever leaked to the internet.

You can watch your favorite series and film on Netflix and Hulu, unlocking US series as well when you connect to the right designated streaming servers.
HideMyAss will log your data for technical purposes, and the jurisdiction necessitates compliance with the local data retention laws. The app allows you to connect to any of the 880+ servers located around the world in what is one of the largest VPN server networks. All in all, HideMyAss shines as a great VPN for everyone. Go for it!

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