Cyberghost is a fantastic VPN for torrenting!

CyberGhost is a great choice if you’re looking for a combination of speed, performance, reliability and an assurance of privacy and safety. This VPN provider is perfect for torrents since it promises anonymity and keeps zero logs. Consequently, CyberGhost also offers super-fast speeds for streaming media content making it an excellent choice for Netflix users. Finally, CyberGhost VPN is based in Romania, ensuring 100% privacy for its users.

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Quick Stats


Money Back Guarantee

45 Days

Allowed Concurrent Connections


Supported Streaming Services

Netflix, Hulu, CBS, HBO, BBCNetflix, Hulu, CBS, HBO, BBC

Special Features

Double VPN, Automatic kill switch, Hide IP, Perfect forwarding secrecy, no-logs policy, WiFi protect, DNS leak protection, Split tunneling

Server Locations

60+ locations globally, including Asia, Africa, and South America

VPN Legal Juristiction



Recently, CyberGhost was acquired by Crossrider PLC – which later rebranded to Kape PLC. Currently, Kape has offices all over Europe and in Israel, a matter which has been raising concerns among CyberGhost users. Most users are worried that the change in ownership of the VPN could compromise their safety and privacy. However, we have come to discover that the VPN service retained its headquarters in Romania – guaranteeing 100% security and privacy protection.

Romania revoked its data retention law back in 2014, freeing itself from the irritating laws of authorities such as EU, UK, and the USA. Consequently, they implemented a new retention law in 2015, which aims to protect users’ privacy by stopping government agencies from collecting user data. This makes Romania a suitable location for CyberGhost to operate. Therefore, we can confirm that CyberGhost is an absolute no-logging VPN service. Neither your personal information nor online activity will be stored when you’re using the service.
In this review, we’re going to look at how CyberGhost stacks among its competitors while pinpointing why they are topping the performance charts.


CyberGhost has a remarkable track record for offering protection features that make your online presence anonymous. Here are the protection features CyberGhost offers:
Security protocols and Encryption techniques
The level of security a VPN can offer is determined by the type of encryption and the security protocols it uses. If you subscribe to CyberGhost, you will enjoy military grade 256-bit AES encryption with a 2048-bit RSA key – it’s the best currently available technique. The VPN provider also upgraded from its previous hash authentication HMAC MD5 to a more secure HMAC SHA-2 authentication as per the recommendations of OSTIF OpenVPN audit.
CyberGhost also offers up to three protocols users can choose from – OpenVPN, L2TP, PPTP protocols. However, it doesn’t support older protocols such as SSTP, SSH, and SSL protocols. We recommend users to choose OpenVPN protocol since it offers a mix of strong security and high speeds. But if you’re after high speeds only, then you can go for either L2TP or PPTP protocols.

Perfect forward secrecy

CyberGhost also uses perfect forward secrecy, which further enhances security. The feature works by creating a new private encryption key for each session – making it hard for anyone to steal your data.

No-logging policy

The VPN’s location in Romania, which makes it possible to offer a complete no-logs policy. The feature gives CyberGhost a big plus considering not many VPN providers can guarantee an absolute zero logging policy.

Automatic Kill Switch

This is a rare functionality that only a few VPNs on the market can boast about. It is another handy tool that works as a silent guardian of your network connection. In the event that your VPN fails, the kill switch will automatically disconnect you from the internet to prevent any data breach. You’ll find it suitable when your device is left unattended.


Getting a VPN service that has a mass of global servers and offers stable high-speed connections is almost impossible. However, as for this VPN, its stability is remarkable, and you won’t experience any crashes whatsoever. Throughout our time with the VPN, we did not experience any downtime. CyberGhost’s overall performance is so good that you’ll forget you’re connected to one.

Pricing and Deals

Recently, CyberGhost made some changes to its plans, which are easy to understand. All their plans stack the same features – the only difference is the period. You can, for a fact choose between a monthly plan, an annual plan or rather a 6-months plan. What’s more, they now have an 18 months offer – going for $3.5 a month.

Their new monthly plan goes for $ 12.99 – an expensive package even though the quality of service matches the price.
There’s also an annual plan that sells at $5.25 every month – most users have been using it.
Consequently, there is a 6 months package which retails at $7.99 each month, which is an expensive plan you can avoid.
Nonetheless, the new “top offer” plan is an 18 months plan that goes for $3.5 per month – a package that ranks best amongst competitors.

Free trial

Recently, CyberGhost made changes to their free trial – now giving a 24-hour free trial. The free trial gives you access to a complete set of premium features – giving you a test of what to expect once you upgrade.

Payment methods

The VPN provider offers a wide range of payment options including American Express, MasterCard, VISA, PayPal, and a new BitPay option – Bitcoin. The VPN’s support for Bitcoin is a good option for users looking to maintaining their anonymity when making payments.

Refund Policy

The Romania based VPN also offers a special refund policy that will suit your needs. Its 45-day money back guarantee means you can subscribe for the 1-month plan and get a refund within the time period.

Available Locations

The primary objective of buying a VPN is to unblock geo-restricted content. Therefore, whenever you want to subscribe to a VPN service, checking the number of server locations is crucial.

CyberGhost, for instance, has over 3100 servers well distributed in 60 different countries – a remarkable coverage by the VPN. It has an average 41146 users online who access the service from all the world. Countries with the most servers include the US which tops with 156+, then Germany with 143+, while the UK follows closely with over 100 servers.
The VPN service now has servers well distributed in Asian countries: Singapore, Hong-Kong and Japan. The reach also extends to Africa and South America – regions usually not widely covered. This gives CyberGhost excellent global coverage when compared to its competitors.

Speed and Performance

Note this reviewer is on a slow internet connection and the speeds listed are on a slow connection to begin with.
Speed plays an important role when buying a VPN service. You want to select a VPN that can offer a balance of security and high speeds. Low speeds seem to render great features a VPN can offer useless. A good VPN should try and match the speeds you experience before connecting to one. We tried to look at how various speed scenarios compared using a speed test tool.
To completely get a sense of the effect in change of speed, we shall run a speed test before and after connecting to the VPN.
The screenshot below shows the results we got before the connection. The ping took 86ms; the download speeds spiked 6.13Mbps and the upload 0.85Mbps.

After we connected to a server close to our actual location, the ping went up from 86 to 103ms. The download speed dropped slightly to 5.29Mbps while the upload recorded an unnoticeable drop of 0.63Mbps.

To get a range of the speed variation, we connected to a server far away from our location. As you can see on the screenshot below, the ping went up significantly to 190ms, the download speed reduced slightly to 4.37Mbps, while the upload increased to 0.70Mbps.

The remarkable results we got, were repetitive after carrying out the same operation at different times. We believe that the figures recorded in the first snapshot will not be far from what you will experience when using the service.
We can now conclude that CyberGhost doesn’t significantly affect your connection speeds. In fact, it can sometimes improve your speed, making it one of the best VPN service on the market.

Additional Features

Streaming and torrenting

The VPN is one of our best picks for accessing popular streaming sites. With CyberGhost, you can get access to Netflix US which has the best streaming servers and top-rated content. Incidentally, the no-log policy for the VPN makes is suitable for torrent lovers. In addition, CyberGhost offers high speeds which are essential for torrenting.

Hide your IP

When you connect to one of the VPN servers its IP address will mask your actual IP, making it impossible for websites to track your online presence. To extend anonymity, your new IP address will be shared with other users using the same VPN server, making it impossible to track.

Split Tunneling

CyberGhost offers split tunneling through a feature called App Protection. The feature allows you to choose apps you wish to protect with the VPN – by selecting a particular profile. This is despite the fact that a VPN is supposed to encrypt and tunnel all your traffic.

Up to 7 simultaneous connections

Allowing for simultaneous app connections is a major selling point for any VPN service. CyberGhost allows you to use up to 7 devices simultaneously under the same account. This plays a huge advantage to users having several devices connected to the internet. They can use this advantage to secure all their devices using the same subscription.

Customer Support

To access customer support for this VPN, click on the floating help button at the bottom right. Alternatively, you can open the help section by clicking on the Help button on the top menu.

Knowledge Base

The Romania based VPN has a rich knowledge base filled with useful content. In this section, you’ll gain good in-depth knowledge about the VPN service. All the essential guides, troubleshooters, FAQs and announcements are found on this section. However, if you need a more direct conversation of personal queries, you can always use the 24/7 live chat tool.

24/7 Live chat support

We tested the 24/7 live support, and the result was fulfilling. CyberGhost offers a 24/7 live chat support which typically tends to all your queries in minutes. The agents behind the tool are fast, polite, and eager to help. We also learned that apart from English, customer support is available in other languages including French and German. This is another selling point, considering not many services offer support in multiple languages.


Ticketing system

Their ticketing system is also outstanding. We put in a request and received a helpful response within minutes.

We believe that customer support is crucial to any service provider. A VPN service is a live tool which needs to be working all the time. Getting a service with customer support that tends to you in real time is of great importance.







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CyberGhost ease of use

CyberGhost is always striving to give its wide range of apps a new look. The apps are constantly updated to improve service delivery. A recent update added a new feature which allows users to connect with a single click using the ‘Best server location’ option found on the home window.

Setup and user interface

CyberGhost recently published an all-new website with a premium look and an improved user-friendly touch. Observing the homepage, you’ll find a summary of all the information you want about the VPN. On the top menu, you’ll find VPN insights, supported apps, pricing, provided services as well as the help section. The rest of the home section has important information and illustrative short videos.
Registering with CyberGhost has been simplified. Choose your subscription plan, input your email address then select your payment method. After that, you’ll get a pop-up screen providing you with your secret code. You will use the PUK to recover your forgotten login details. CyberGhost doesn’t copy the PUK, so it warns users to print/ save it as well.
The sign-up process takes less than 5 minutes. Once you register, you will be redirected to the download link where you can download your preferred client app.

Cyberghost VPN Client

A recent update has made the CyberGhost VPN client even more user-friendly. The VPN clients now have a new look with tailored features to suit your needs. For this review, we tested VPN clients for Windows and Android platforms.

How to install and run the VPN Client

  • Navigate to the CyberGhost website.
  • Register for an account
  • After registering, you will be redirected to a page where you get a suitable client for your device.
  • After the download, click on setup to install and launch the app. After that, you can proceed to login with your account.

The whole process should take less than 10 minutes. It is worth knowing that you can’t register for CyberGhost while in a country like China where VPNs are highly regulated.

The client packs a number of features and modes that you can select from depending on your needs.

All servers

You have the freedom to select the server of your choice depending on your needs. You can compare the servers by type, including torrents, streaming, fast and most crowded. Connect to the one that meets your needs with a single click.

For streaming

This is a section where the client provides an updated list of popular streaming sites. Connecting to one of the servers will give access to sites such as BBC, Netflix, Amazon Prime, YouTube Red, ESPN etc.

Connection features

In this section, you’ll find a variety of privacy layers that will increase your security. This section protects you from phishing sites, malicious links, blocks online tracking and stops any form of data leaks.

WiFi Protect

This mode typically protects your WiFi connection from hackers, phishers, snoopers and other forms of cyberbullying you may get exposed to while using public WiFi. To ensure fast speeds, the mode is automatically set for you.

For Torrenting

This mode provides a list of anonymous servers, suited for torrenting.


CyberGhost allows you to toggle connection options found on the settings window. You can choose to use any VPN protocol that meets your needs. Alternatively, you can choose to test a wide range of ports to use by activating the “Use a random port to connect” option. The DNS Leak protection is typically activated by default at the launch of the client app.

CyberGhost VPN Client for Smartphones

The CyberGhost Android app adopts the same look and feel that is seen on the desktop app.

You can choose actions to take by sliding across the three available tabs. Each tab has a list of servers you can choose from depending on your preference.


You can also tweak a few features found on the settings menu to fit your needs. To access the settings window, click the settings icon on the top right to open.

Streaming Compatibility

CyberGhost VPN has a well-distributed system of servers across the world, making it a suitable VPN to access content from anywhere. Drawing facts from our CyberGhost review, we can confirm CyberGhost is an excellent choice to stream your videos and torrent. This VPN provider offers a remarkable solution for Netflix US, Amazon Prime, Hulu, CBS, BBC among other popular streaming outlets. For torrent lovers, CyberGhost offers ultra-fast speeds with selected anonymous servers.

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Bottom Line

CyberGhost is a transparent VPN service – a quality that stacks its selling point. This VPN provider maintains open communications with its clients on all issues. Additionally, if you’re faced with a technical issue while using the service, CyberGhost has a team of agents always eager to offer a solution. Their constantly updated apps, ensure you are always protected from encroaching prying eyes.
CyberGhost VPN offers reputable VPN connection that guarantees the privacy of your online activity. We loved the experience we had with CyberGhost. This VPN provider is a perfect choice especially if you are looking for a VPN service that offers anonymous browsing and access to some of the famous streaming services. And while its 1-month plan is not budget-friendly, you’ll enjoy significant savings if you subscribe to a long-term plan – say 18-months. Its 45-day money back guarantee is a huge deal you should take advantage of in case you need to test the service first. The VPN offers a set of excellent features, which are worth trying out. We’d love to see this VPN improve on its 24-hour free trial, but otherwise, we didn’t observe any noteworthy issues.

  • Automatic kill switch
  • Super-fast speeds
  • Best for Netflix US, Hulu, Sky
  • Optimized for torrents
  • Strict zero logs policy
  • OpenVPN, L2TP/ PPTP protocols
  • 7 simultaneous connections
  • Advanced 254-bit AES encryption
  • Excellent DNS and IP leak protection
  • Over 3000  servers globally
  • Supports BitCoin payment
  • Reliable 24/7 live chat support
  • 45-day money back guarantee
  • Offers a 1-day free trial
  • Nothing noteworthy
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